Events On Demand

Events On Demand consists of a listing of highly successful entertaining events presented to organizations, unions, businesses, groups, individuals, etc. Each event will require a specific number of commitments. Once commitments are secured, a date will be selected for the event. Being involved with Events On Demand will make you a part of a continuous growing network and allow you to benefit in all of our promoted events through group ticket purchases.

As you know, entrainment is one of the hottest commodities ever. Therefore, if you associate yourself with these hot commodities, your fundraising opportunities can be very lucrative.

Whether you need to raise $2,000.00, $5,000.00, $10,000.00 or more we can help you meet your demands. So, take a minute and think about this easy way to make quick cash!

It is our goal at Mahogany Paradise Productions to create one of the largest social networks on the East coast. This network will consist of upscale, upwardly bound individuals seeking a unique experience with elite people. We take pride in allowing others to profit from our events. We hope that you will become a part of this winning team. Please review the method for group purchases below. Special rates will be offered for groups of 50 or more. Every participating associate will have to put up a nonrefundable negotiated deposit of the balance owed to Mahogany Paradise Productions and make payments towards the balance the 15th and 30th of each month leading to the event. The total balance will be required a week prior to the event. A special offer of a 50% – 50% split will be offered to the first 2 associates to purchase 200 + tickets in advance. For this offer, your percent will have to be paid in full.

50 – 75 tickets =’s a 65% – 35% split
76 – 101 tickets =’s a 60% – 40% split
102 – 199 tickets =’s a 55% – 45% split
200 tickets and above =’s a 50% – 50% split (Limited Offers)