The Black Collegiate Alumni and Professionals Affair
This event will be marketed directly to colleges/universities Black Alumni  and professional groups. It will be promoted quarterly and serve as a reunion for all involved. This event will feature a DJ with a mix a live entertainment and sometimes a comedian.

An Evening of Motown and The Sound of Phila
This event will feature a band and various vocalist performing every ones favorite tunes of the past from Motown and The Sound of Phila. This event will be successful with a broad audience.

A Night of Soft Passion
This event will consist of live entertainment (Ballads Only) strong vocalist and bands with strong vocalist. This event will be marketed to singles and couples. It will work well for both. The reason for couples is a given. For singles it will be known as an event where there are eligible singles. There will even be an area at the event where the singles will be seated. “A single person’s heaven.”

Caribbean Time In The City
This event focuses on the popular sounds of the Caribbean. You will entertained by a live band and vocalist, while indulging yourself in Caribbean catered cuisine and drinks.

A Night At The Casino
Experience the glamour and glitter of Atlantic City, Las Vegas, and the Mohegan Sun. Enjoy your favorite casino games, live entertainment, and a party featuring a DJ playing your favorite tunes.

Massage Party
Enjoy the pampering of a salon in an environment tailored just for you. Experience various massages and other treatments pleasing to the mind, body, and spirit. Sooth your palate with catered food while enjoying entertainment conducive to the salon atmosphere.

The Uncensored Comedy Show
This event will feature the best known and upcoming comedians in the industry. Each comedian will be recognized for their wit and no holds barred comedy style.

Wine Tasting
Learn about wine and experiment with new or unusual varieties. Acquaint yourself with the range of flavors aromas and characteristics of wine. After choosing the right wine for you, enjoy the sounds of one of Philly’s best jazz bands.

Today and Tomorrows Designer Fashion Show
This fashion show will feature the areas most reputable designers who would like to obtain more exposure. There will be known and up and coming designers wears featured.

Boxing-N-The City
This event will promote non-professional boxing matches. Boxing-N-The City will create competitive bouts between various unions, organizations, armed forces, entertainers, politicians, sports personalities and a host of others from blue collar workers to white collar workers. This event will be very entertaining for the boxing enthusiast, novice and also serve as an introduction to the boxing industry. This eventful boxing evening will end with an After Party.

World of Martial Arts Demonstration
This will serve especially well for youth organizations. Youth have always had a love for martial arts. The client will be asked what art form their interested in and we will utilize our network to create the desired demonstration.

The 70’s In Review
This event will be totally dedicated to the 70’s. Entertainment will vary consisting of a DJ, band, group of the 70’s era or a combination of the aforementioned.

Old School Hip Hop Party
An event that’s totally dedicated to the “FLY” 80’s and 90’s. All music played will be strictly Hip Hop from the 80’s and 90’s. At times there will be DJ’s and groups from the 80‘s and 90’s giving you a blast from the past. You’ll love taking this trip down memory lane, enjoying the good ole days of real Hip Hop.

Indoor Barbeque
Barbeques are not just for outdoors anymore. The tables, grilled food, family, friends and music are inside. Forget about the flies, mosquitoes, bees and other undesired pest. Its party time and the grills are hot and ready.

Cocktail & Martini Party
The highlight of this event will not just be the live entertainment but the fine arrangement of  hors d’oeuvres, cocktails and martini’s. You will spend this fun filled evening sipping on smooth drinks and listening to smooth sounds.

No Stress Fridays
This event is for all of those mature party animals who’s tired of the club scene, wish to forget the stress of the week and looking for a unique Friday Party. No Stress Friday will offer a variety of today’s best music, line dancing, chair and foot massages. When possible we’ll also have movies, comedy and live entertainment. To top it all off we’ll have an assortment of Hors D’oeuvres and other eatable delights.

Saturday Set Out
This event is for the mature adult who likes to party in casual but sophisticated attire. The Saturday Set Out will also have an abundant assortment of food, a popular DJ playing all your favorite music and host/hostesses showing you the best hospitality in town.